Wall Type Recessed Appliques

Today, with the rapid progress of technology and the introduction of technology into every field of our lives, we can see various alternative products on lighting. Lighting is now more than just providing light. It also serves as a way of decoration.

As Yakan Aydınlatma, we always continue to make an effort to meet the lighting needs of our valued customers in the most decorative way. Our wall type recessed appliques  are among the products which are produced for the customers who consider lighting not only as a need and want to illuminate in the most aesthetic way.

Decorative Wall Type Recessed Appliques

Thanks to the distinctive and eye-catching  wall type recessed appliques , you can own products which are compatible with all of the classic and modern outdoor space decorations. With the ability of these products to spread the light to your desired spot in your spaces without having direct contact with the human eye, you can bring out the points you want to put in the foreground in your outdoor space decoration in the most elegant way.

We are also providing the accessories and spare parts of these products, which are offered with two-year guarantee, and enable a long term usage.

If you want to create a harmonious place by showing the same interest and care in your outdoor spaces that you have shown in your indoor spaces about lighting, you can take a look at our products in this category. All of our products are running on energy saving bulb power.

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